About Us

Enfield Council is ambitious and is seeking to deliver a programme of transformational change in the borough that will create a lifetime of opportunities for our residents. Over the past few years we have sought to be innovative in finding solutions to the challenges we face to deliver this ambition in a highly challenging environment.

Whilst our vision is transformational and our intended programme of change is significant, our financial resources remain modest. In this context, it is vital that we do all we can to make the resources we have work most effectively and also to work innovatively with partners to meet the council’s ambitions.

As an organisation, we have undergone significant change at an executive leadership level over the past few years. This change in leadership has resulted in a more collaborative approach to how the council operates with less silo-working and more open conversations about how we deliver services and importantly how we go about setting our budget.

We know that this is a good start and has provided the organisation with the additional strategic business planning capacity to plan and invest more effectively for the future and deliver savings. It has contributed to the escalation of a transformative agenda across the organisation that is delivering positive outcomes for the borough and is shaping better service delivery.

However, we know that our journey of improvement is not complete, and we want to continue to make positive changes that can allow us to meet our objectives. These include providing a lifetime of opportunities for all our residents through our ambitious Council-led house building programme, securing investment for community initiatives, bringing new businesses that provide high-skill jobs into Enfield and securing investment in our town centres.