Chief Accountant
£ 59,733 – 77,301

Enfield Council is engaged on a unique and exciting journey of transformation that makes us one of the most attractive local authorities in the UK to join right now. We’ve got big ambitions to deliver a lifetime of opportunities for everyone in the borough and we have a plan in place that we believe can inspire and challenge our staff and our residents to make it happen.

As Chief Accountant, you’ll have a big role to play in our Finance team, now and in the future. With your excellent technical skills, you’ll have what it takes to step into senior management and bring fresh ideas and thinking. Our primary expert on financial accounting regulations, you’ll provide the Section 151 Officer with crucial advice as we continue to progress. You’ll also manage the accounting function day to day, leading skilled staff including newly recruited professionals.

It’s an exciting opportunity to take charge of vital areas such as financial controls, capital and asset accounting processes, key reconciliations and end of year accounts. With this level of responsibility, you’ll be expected to liaise with auditors and present to senior leaders. Also dedicated to supporting the team and helping everyone give their best, you’ll see that our professionals are free to thrive and inspired to excel.

As you’ll be dealing with company accounting, group accounts and technical accounting, you’ll need broad expertise. We’re therefore looking for a CCAB qualification, knowledge of local government finance regulations and plenty of experience. With this background, you’ll be ready to provide high-level advice on all kinds of complex issues including large-scale capital projects. To give clear, concise guidance, you’ll need good communication skills and a gift for collaboration. You should also be able to interpret detailed financial information and use Excel, PowerPoint and Word at an advanced level. Analytical, with project management skills, you’ll be proud to work for a Council that’s as motivated as you are.

We have clear values: to be ambitious, make a difference and be caring but also to have a dynamic and supportive senior management team with a strong collective focus on achieving our strategic objectives, and a workforce focused on delivering the best services and support local government can offer.