Welcome letters from the Leader and the Chief Executive.

Dear Candidate,

Enfield Council is a dynamic local authority driven by a clear vision of how it will transform the borough, address inequality and create a lifetime of opportunities for everyone who lives, works and learns in Enfield. Our programme is ambitious and reaches across all areas of local authority operation and interest.

As Leader, I recognise that the recruitment of an outstanding Executive Director, Resources will be pivotal to the successful realisation of the goals we have set. The council will need to work in a smart, coordinated way to maximise the financial resources needed to create a fairer Enfield. This is especially true given the additional challenges presented to us by the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial impacts being produced by it.

As our new Council Plan sets out, we want to support the creation of a borough that sustainably reduces inequality and provides opportunity for everyone. I believe we have the right proposals combined with a consistent approach to make this a reality. The underpinning organisational values we seek to embed as part of how our journey of change are a key part of what we want to achieve and resonate with the expectations of our residents.

The Executive Director, Resources will work closely with myself and Cabinet, as well as our senior management team, to build on our recently refreshed Medium Term Financial Strategy and help steer us on our post Covid-19 journey. It is vital that we remain financially sound and in the best position to accurately resource our ambitious and transformative programme of change.

The role is diverse and requires credible and expert leadership in all of its aspects. The Executive Director, Resources will play a leading role in the successful delivery of organisational change and further development of our commercial acumen. We need a person who understands all of what is required to make a successful impact in the role and evidence success as part of what they will bring to the Council if selected.

I also believe we require someone who is comfortable and confident in communicating our ambitions to central and regional Government. We need someone with a track record of success who possesses an intrinsic understanding of the environment we are operating in and the challenges that lie ahead. This local authority is not content to stand still and ‘fire-fight’. We are determined to press on to with our programme of sustainable transformation, making a positive and lasting difference to the lives of everyone who lives, works and learns in Enfield.

I hope that you find much that inspires you about what this administration is seeking to achieve, and you can measure yourself honestly and positively against the requirements of the role.

If you believe you have what it takes to help us achieve our ambitions and add value to our organisation, I would encourage you to apply.

Best wishes

Cllr Nesil Caliskan

Leader, Enfield Council


Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in becoming our new Executive Director, Resources.

Enfield Council is engaged on a unique and exciting journey of transformation that makes us one of the most attractive local authorities in the UK to join at this present time. We’ve got big ambitions to deliver a lifetime of opportunities for everyone in the borough and we have a plan in place that we believe can inspire and challenge our staff and our residents to make it happen.

Our vision and strategy for success is best expressed in our recently refreshed Council Plan, ‘A Lifetime of Opportunities 2020-2022’. I urge you to become familiar with it and also with some of the other key strategy documents that you will find on the recruitment microsite. This will enable you to view the role of Executive Director, Resources in its true context as a driver for change and improvement across the local authority as well as an expert delivering the essential roles and responsibilities of the post.

The range of responsibilities assigned to the Executive Director, Resources at Enfield Council will provide positive challenge to the postholder and a chance for the right person to make the role their own. As well as leading a dedicated team of committed and skilled Finance Officers you will take on delivering aspects of wider Customer Services and Information that will affect how all staff work and how residents engage with us. Our customer experience offer continues to evolve, and our upgrade and refresh of our supporting ICT systems is rolling out. You will have a key role in ensuring this work continues with pace and accuracy, inspiring us to build on existing momentum and drive us towards our ultimate objective of becoming and remaining a truly modern council. Aligned with our key four behaviours, you will inspire others to take responsibility; be open, honest and respectful; to listen and learn, work collaboratively to find best fit solutions.

We require someone who is politically aware and comfortable with proactively engaging Government both regionally and nationally. Our plans for success rely on a senior officer team that is proactive and able to place Enfield in its regional and national context as a borough to invest in and engage with. The Executive Director, Resources will help us make and maintain the right connections, establishing positive working relationships with Government to draw in vital extra resources and keep our profile visible and engaging.

The unexpected and profound impact of the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 has sharpened our organisational senses further and brings an additional dimension of challenge to us and our communities to overcome. I believe our response, as signified by our ‘Enfield Stands Together’ community support programme, has been first class during 2020 but has not been without great human and financial cost. The ultimate impacts of Covid-19 are far from clear at this point, but we know they are hugely significant and how we successfully marshal our resources to emerge as an even stronger organisation will be a critical measure of success. As Executive Director, Resources, you will work with senior managers, Cabinet and our dynamic voluntary and community sector partners, to develop and execute our plans for Covid-19 recovery, helping us provide assurance and accountability to Cabinet and our residents. You will work across the organisation with our senior management team to keep us firmly on track as the achievement of our Council Plan objectives become ever more vital to the borough.

In return for your commitment we can offer a working environment that is of the highest class, a senior management team that is dynamic and supportive with a strong collective focus on achieving our strategic objectives and a workforce that is committed to delivering the best services local government can offer.

If you feel you have the skills and drive to help us deliver our plans for the future then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please click here to apply or contact our advising consultants at Penna: Anthony Hopkin on 07500042272 or Julie Towers on 07764791736.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Ian Davis, Chief Executive